My view: Cutting bus routes affects people's lives

A TriMet bus in downtown Portland.

(The following is an open letter to TriMet regarding it upcoming service reduction.) I'm writing to you today in response to the temporary reduced service notice and how it will affect mine, and others commutes during the early morning hours. Essentially, it's clear that the consideration of the routes affected was poorly thought out.

I ride Route 54 to get downtown to make the first of two connections to get to work by 7 a.m. I catch my bus at around 5:04 a.m. This is one of the specific routes which have been eliminated. The earliest I will be able to get to work is 7:30 a.m. via Route 56. I am possibly up for promotion, but should the Route 54 line not be reinstated immediately, I could lose that, which would cost me possibly $15,000 a year (or more depending on those negotiations).