As the Oregon Legislature started the clock on its 2023 session, majority Democrats in both chambers and minority Republicans in the House unveiled their priorities for what they hope to accomplish in the next 160 days.

Senate Democrats and House leaders from both parties made back-to-back presentations Tuesday, Jan. 17. While they agreed on some top priorities — homelessness and housing, mental health and substance treatment, student achievement and well-being in public schools — most were stated as general goals.

Peter Wong covers Oregon politics for Pamplin Media Group.


“When I decided to pursue reporting as a career five decades ago, I did so while living, learning and working in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. But aside from the fact that most young reporters do not get their start in those cities — at least back then — I felt something was missing. That was a more intimate connection with readers and audiences that cannot be acquired from working in large metro areas. So I’ve spent my entire reporting career with news organizations in smaller cities. “Pamplin Media Group is that rarity that combines local journalism in two dozen communities with the reach of a larger organization in a mid-sized metro area. Yes, I report on Oregon government and politics, but I do it with a sense of the readers living and working in our communities.”

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